The iPhone 15 Pro comes with a starting price tag of $999, roughly equivalent to P56,000, while the iPhone 15 Pro Max starts at $1199, offering 256GB of storage, which translates to approximately P67,000.

Apple’s recent “Wonderlust” event might not have had the surprise factor due to accurate leaks, but beneath the surface, there are some intriguing features that make the iPhone 15 Pro series worth considering. This article explores the key upgrades and innovations in the iPhone 15 Pro, shedding light on the decision-making process for potential upgraders.

A Glimpse of the “Wonderlust” Event

The “Wonderlust” event may not have had the shock value it usually delivers, thanks to the precision of pre-event leaks. Nevertheless, Apple managed to maintain some intrigue. Notable surprises included Apple’s renewed emphasis on environmental sustainability, innovative gesture controls for the Apple Watch, and several other intriguing features that deserve attention.

Reasons to Consider the iPhone 15 Pro Upgrade

If you’re contemplating upgrading to the iPhone 15 Pro, there are compelling reasons to do so. Two standout features are the introduction of the USB 3 Type-C interface and a weight reduction achieved through the use of titanium.

USB 3 Type-C Interface: The transition from the Lightning interface to USB Type-C is a significant step forward. While some may be reluctant to part with their Lightning cables, the USB 3 Type-C offers faster data transfer speeds and enhanced charging capabilities. This transition simplifies cable management and future-proofs your device.

Weight Reduction with Titanium: Apple’s decision to incorporate titanium in the iPhone 15 Pro leads to a 10% reduction in weight. This seemingly modest change has a substantial impact, especially during prolonged use for photography and video recording.

During the recent Apple Event, Apple unveiled this item, featuring a titanium build, marking it as their most professional-grade iPhone to date.

Incremental Improvements over iPhone 14 Pro

Compared to its predecessor, the iPhone 15 Pro offers a series of incremental upgrades that enhance the overall user experience. These improvements include:

Processor Advancements: The A17 Pro chipset delivers enhanced processing power, ensuring smoother performance across all tasks and applications.

Camera Enhancements: The iPhone 15 Pro boasts improved camera features, with the Pro Max variant featuring a powerful 5X zoom capability, making it a game-changer for photography enthusiasts.

Reduced Bezels: The device’s design showcases smaller bezels, offering a more immersive display.

Action Button: The addition of an Action button introduces new possibilities for user interactions.

Upgraded Ultra-Wideband Chip: This technology improvement augments device connectivity and enables exciting new applications.

Faster WiFi 6E: This device takes advantage of faster WiFi 6E, ensuring quicker and more reliable wireless connections.

While these enhancements are notable, some users might find them insufficient to justify an upgrade from the iPhone 14 Pro.

The iPhone 15 Pro Max’s Zoom Advantage

The iPhone 15 Pro Max sets itself apart from its smaller counterpart with its 5X zoom capability. This additional zoom level opens up exciting possibilities for capturing distant subjects with stunning clarity. While the increased price and slightly heavier build may deter some, the allure of the 5X zoom might be irresistible for photography enthusiasts.

The image is sourced from YugaTech’s official Facebook page.

Choosing the Right Storage Option

The final decision for potential upgraders lies in selecting the ideal storage capacity. With options of 256GB and 128GB, the choice becomes more intricate, especially given the new ability to save directly to external storage via the USB Type-C interface.

If you currently use 50GB out of 128GB storage, you may wonder whether 256GB is necessary. However, the increasing size of image and video files, coupled with the potential need for future-proofing videos for Apple Vision Pro, makes 256GB a sensible choice. Nonetheless, it’s worth noting that the iPhone 15 Pro allows direct saving to external storage via USB Type-C during video capture, raising the question of whether 128GB might suffice. Reviewers are already exploring this capability, offering valuable insights for potential buyers.


This new gadget introduces significant changes that make it a compelling option for upgraders. The shift to the USB 3 Type-C interface and the weight reduction due to titanium construction offer tangible benefits. Additionally, incremental improvements, especially in processing power and camera capabilities, enhance the user experience. The 5X zoom feature on the iPhone 15 Pro Max is a game-changer for photography enthusiasts.

The choice of storage capacity may vary depending on individual needs, but the flexibility to save directly to external storage via USB Type-C adds an extra dimension to this decision.

Ultimately, the decision to upgrade to the phone depends on your current device, specific needs, and your enthusiasm for the latest technology. The iPhone 15 Pro may not have delivered the surprise factor, but it certainly offers enough to merit serious consideration for tech enthusiasts.