The highly anticipated moment has finally arrived as Hori7on, the sensational K-pop group, spreads its wings and takes flight in Korea for their long-awaited debut under MLD Entertainment. With hearts aflutter and anticipation building, fans worldwide eagerly embrace this milestone in the group’s journey to stardom.

As Hori7on prepares to spread their wings and take flight, the members have expressed their gratitude and excitement for the opportunity. They are ready to showcase their unique colors, share their stories, and connect with fans through their music. Their determination and unwavering passion have laid the foundation for this momentous occasion.

Hori7on’s “Anchors,” or fans, excitedly anticipate their group’s maiden performance, counting down the minutes until they may experience the enchantment for themselves. Social media platforms are buzzing with excitement as followers offer their enthusiasm and support for the group, pledging to be there for them as they set out on this amazing journey.