Geneva Cruz is a multi-talented personality who has excelled in various fields. Apart from being a popular singer and actress, she has also made a name for herself as a dedicated reservist for the Philippine Air Force (PAF). The 47-year-old artist is always prepared to defend her country in case of any foreign attack. Thanks to her military training, Geneva has gained numerous advantages that have made her a stronger person both mentally and physically.

As Geneva stated, “My military training has transformed me into a resilient woman. I’m not only strong from the inside but also from the outside. I’ve become very active and started weight training, taekwondo, marathon running, and other activities that keep me fit and healthy.” Her commitment to an active lifestyle has helped her build strength and endurance, making her more capable of handling different challenges that come her way. In summary, Geneva Cruz’s passion for serving her country has helped her become a better version of herself.

Geneva attributes her enlistment as a PAF reservist to her former bandmate, Tony Lambino, who is currently serving as an official in the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. This interesting turn of events was sparked when Geneva stumbled upon a Facebook post of Tony posing with a gun.

After expressing her curiosity, “Tony oriented me about the PAF reservists program, and I found myself enlisting for training in no time,” Geneva shares. The four-month-long, intensive training course exposed the singer-actress to several challenging tasks such as rappelling, air marshal operations, bomb disposal, and other responsibilities. As part of her training, she even went on to conquer three mountains and navigated through a river filled with carabao dung.

“I did this because I’m proud to be a Filipino,” Geneva stressed. “I had the chance to be an American citizen, but I didn’t do it. I am a green card holder because of my children who are citizens but have found my purpose in being an Air Force reservist. I come from Tondo, Manila, and seeing the poverty there, my purpose has always been to help other people.”

As part of her commitment to the Philippine Air Force (PAF), Geneva is gearing up for a concert on June 23 called “AXEL PAF” in The Theater at Solaire. She will be joined by her fellow OPM icons Randy Santiago, Raymond Lauchengco, Gino Padilla, and Roselle Nava to celebrate PAF’s 76th anniversary. All five artists are set to perform their bouncy tunes and timeless hits that defined their generation.

“It’s a chance for us to go back to our roots and relive the songs that represent our era. We’re excited to sing our hit songs that have become an integral part of people’s lives,” shared Raymond during their press conference held at the PAF Museum.

“I will be facing my fellow reservists and Air Force officers without my uniform for the first time. It will be an honor to sing and dance in front of them and their families,” said “Sergeant” Geneva.

Geneva’s commitment to serving her country as a reservist in the PAF is admirable. It’s not just her who has answered the call to serve, as other famous faces have also stepped up to become reservists. Christopher De Leon, Vilma Santos, Dingdong Dantes, Matteo Guidicelli, Arci Muñoz, Beauty Gonzalez, Winwyn Marquez, and Baron Geisler are among the many celebrities who have joined the ranks of the military’s reserve forces.

Her service as a reservist serves as an inspiration to Filipinos across the nation, showing that anyone can demonstrate their love for their country and be a force for good in times of need.