South Korean idol-turned-actor, D.O., widely known as a member of the popular K-pop group EXO, is set to captivate audiences once again in the upcoming Korean movie, “The Moon.” With fans eagerly awaiting his return to the silver screen, this highly anticipated film promises to showcase D.O.’s acting prowess and charm in a new light.

“The Moon” revolves around a heartwarming story that transcends time and space. D.O. takes on the role of a young man who embarks on an extraordinary journey to fulfill a promise made under the moonlit sky.

Having already showcased his acting skills in previous projects, D.O. has earned critical acclaim for his ability to seamlessly immerse himself in diverse roles. His dedication to the craft and his natural talent have endeared him to both fans and industry professionals alike.

“The moon” is set to hit on screen this August 2 ,2023 fans can’t help but get hyped and excited. Ph fans is excited to see Do Kyungsoo in the screen too.