Governor Daniel R. Fernando of Bulacan (pictured on the left)

Bulacan Governor Daniel Fernando is on the road to recovery after a recent health scare caused by overfatigue and dehydration during his participation in an event in the province on Monday, September 11th.

Officials from the provincial government have confirmed that Governor Fernando is now in stable condition, although he continues to require some much-needed rest. The incident occurred as he was delivering a speech at an LGBTQIA+ event held at the Bulacan Capitol Gymnasium and subsequently had to be rushed to the hospital.

A video of the incident, which went viral on Facebook, shows Governor Fernando visibly struggling to speak and signaling for assistance. He could also be seen attempting to alleviate his discomfort by massaging his head, causing concern among the audience, who worried that he may have suffered a stroke.

Photo taken from Governor Daniel R. Fernando’s FB Page

Responding swiftly to the situation, Vice Governor Castro came to the Governor’s aid, taking hold of the microphone and calling for assistance from the governor’s aides, who promptly ushered him backstage.

Medical experts attributed the episode to Governor Fernando’s demanding schedule, citing overfatigue and dehydration as the primary causes. Upon his arrival at the hospital, he was promptly attended to by his cardiologist, Dr. Berwyn Flores, who confirmed that the governor’s unusual behavior at the event was indeed a result of exhaustion, overfatigue, and dehydration.

Photo taken from Governor Daniel R. Fernando’s FB Page

Dr. Flores also provided reassurance that Governor Fernando had managed to fulfill his public duties “without disruption” and should be able to return to his full work capacity after a few days of much-needed rest.

Contrary to unverified reports that emerged on Tuesday, September 12th, suggesting that Governor Fernando had been admitted to the ICU of an undisclosed hospital following a stroke, the Provincial Government of Bulacan officially announced on Wednesday that the governor is, in fact, in good condition and is steadily progressing in his recovery.

Over the past couple of weeks, Governor Fernando had been actively involved in conducting daily relief operations across various locations within the province, aimed at safeguarding the welfare of his constituents affected by a series of typhoons and monsoon rains.

In a heartening scene, Governor Daniel R. Fernando and Vice Governor Alexis C. Castro shared a cheerful moment during their conversation, putting to rest any lingering speculations about the governor’s health status and affirming his well-being and vitality. (PPAO)

In response to the outpouring of support, good wishes, prayers, and messages of concern from his family, friends, fellow public servants, and the citizens of Bulacan, Governor Fernando expressed his heartfelt gratitude. His medical team has advised him to undergo a comprehensive medical checkup to ensure his continued well-being.

As Governor Daniel Fernando recuperates, the people of Bulacan can rest assured that their leader is receiving the necessary care and attention to make a full recovery and continue his dedicated service to the province.