With an intimate gathering of approximately 80 guests, Robin and Lec masterfully struck the ideal equilibrium between an intimate atmosphere and a joyous celebration, beautifully captured through the lens of Erwin Pontilla, the talented San Francisco Wedding Photographer.

Robin and Angelica: A Transcontinental Love Story

In the heart of their college days at Ateneo, Robin and Angelica’s paths serendipitously converged as they both embraced their roles in Ateneo Lex, an organization that would later bind their hearts in more ways than one. Little did they foresee that destiny would reunite them in the United States several years later. Angelica, affectionately known as Lec, embarked on her journey to Los Angeles in 2012, while Robin found his footing in San Francisco in 2013. Following a reconnection that rekindled their friendship, their bond blossomed into a captivating romance, ultimately propelling them towards a profound and everlasting commitment.

Organizing a Filipino-themed wedding posed its own set of hurdles for Robin and Lec, primarily the quest to locate a sari-sari store, a quintessential Filipino convenience shop. However, their challenge was met with serendipity as friends led them to a fellow entrepreneur who wholeheartedly embraced their concept, infusing their wedding with an authentic touch of nostalgia.

Crafting a Unique Wedding Theme

In their pursuit of matrimony, Robin and Lec opted for a wedding theme that not only honored their Filipino heritage but also encapsulated the treasured moments they shared during their time in the Philippines. Every facet of their wedding was thoughtfully tailored to narrate their distinctive story, embracing childhood memories of visits to the sari-sari store and college milestones marked by local beverages.

“During our formative years, we’d frequent the sari-sari store to indulge in our favorite snacks. Throughout college, our celebrations after grueling exams involved the companionship of Red Horse and/or San Mig. Additionally, we wanted to share our rich heritage with our non-Filipino friends. Witnessing them savor our food, drinks, desserts, and culture brought us immense joy,” the couple shared in a heartfelt conversation with Manila Bulletin Lifestyle.

However, orchestrating a Filipino-themed wedding came with its own set of challenges. The primary obstacle they faced was locating an authentic sari-sari store, a small convenience store ubiquitously found across the Philippines. Thankfully, the duo’s friends played a pivotal role in their wedding vision, connecting them with a friend who had embarked on an entrepreneurial venture and wholeheartedly embraced the idea. This fortuitous discovery added an authentic touch of nostalgia to their celebration.

“When we began planning, one of our major challenges was locating a genuine sari-sari store. Thankfully, one of our friends had recently embarked on a business venture. They graciously accommodated our request and were genuinely excited about the sari-sari store concept, transforming it into a reality,” the couple joyfully shared.

Guests’ Response to the Filipino-Themed Extravaganza

The Filipino-inspired wedding concept was met with resounding approval from their guests, many of whom were reminded of their own cherished memories in the Philippines. The sari-sari store, replete with familiar snacks and treats, emerged as a sentimental centerpiece that evoked a profound sense of nostalgia and belonging. Beyond the delectable array of Filipino fare, the wedding’s intimate and inviting ambiance left an indelible mark on the hearts of all those in attendance.

With approximately 80 cherished guests present, Robin and Lec masterfully struck a harmonious balance between intimacy and celebration, crafting an experience that resonated deeply with all who were part of their special day.

Words of Wisdom from the Newlyweds

As they basked in the glow of their nuptial celebration, Robin and Lec offered invaluable counsel to couples embarking on their own journey towards matrimony:

Effective Communication and Collaborative Vision: Open and honest communication is key. Collaborate on your expectations for the wedding, ensuring that both partners’ desires are acknowledged and respected.

Budgeting and Financial Planning: Begin budgeting and saving ahead of time. Financial preparedness is pivotal in ensuring a stress-free wedding planning experience.

Prioritize the Essentials: Concentrate on what you can control and avoid stressing over minor details. Remember, the essence of your wedding is the love you share, not the perfection of every minute aspect.

Stay True to Yourselves: Do not allow negative opinions or external pressures to sway your decisions. Your wedding should be a reflection of your unique love story and individuality.

Surround Yourself with Support: Embrace the company of supportive individuals who uplift and inspire you throughout the planning process and on your wedding day.

Enjoy Every Moment: Cherish the journey of planning and savor every moment of your wedding day. These memories will forever hold a special place in your hearts.

Find a Partner in Planning: Seek a partner who shares your enthusiasm for organizing and planning events. Collaboration will make the entire process more enjoyable.

Robin and Angelica’s initial encounter transpired during their college years at Ateneo, where they shared a deep connection through their involvement in Ateneo Lex, an organization that held special meaning for both. Unbeknownst to them, destiny had a grander plan, reuniting them years later on American soil. In 2012, Angelica, affectionately known as Lec, made her home in Los Angeles, while Robin established himself in San Francisco the following year. Rekindling their connection, their friendship blossomed into a captivating romance, igniting the spark of a love story that would lead them on a profound journey towards a lifelong commitment.

A Love Sealed in Los Gatos, California

In a momentous ceremony that took place at the picturesque Chapel on the Hill in Los Gatos, California, Robin and Lec united in matrimony on the 29th of May. Their love story, which traversed continents and brought together a wealth of memories, culminated in a wedding celebration that was not only uniquely Filipino but also a testament to the enduring power of love. Robin and Lec’s journey is a reminder that love knows no boundaries and that, with dedication and unwavering commitment, true love always finds its way.